Warning About Nick Guarino

I first met Nick at an event in Miami where I was a guest and Nick was the event organizer. After that I introduced him to my friends, and we all spent a few nights in Miami together as a group, having dinners, going to the beach, and doing the usual stuff you would expect. It was a good time.

At some point he invited me to meet some of the heirs of the Picasso family in the south of France which I attended, where we stayed as a group in a villa we rented.

Throughout that time Nick was heavily investing in NFTs. He was talking about starting a fund, but it was on the tail end of the 2020 crypto bull market. He said at the time he had about 5 million dollars worth of NFTs, which he said he obtained through having insider connections in the industry. I believe that and it seems like fairly normal progress for someone with good inside connections. I was happy for him. It wasn't too surprising given his connections which he talked about, knowing various artists through promoting them with his record label (This Song is Sick), running various businesses such as (4th Level Group), being friends with the owners of the OpenSea NFT trading platform, spending time with the likes of Trippy and exclusively owning the rights to the Chuck Norris IP for making NFTs, etc.

During the next few years leading up to 2024 we stayed in contact off and on, having made friends throughout the above process, and at one point he called me to say that he had clicked on a phishing link and lost $500k out of his last wallet just as we were entering the bear market.

He said that he was starting his NFT trading fund for the beginning of the upcoming bull market starting in early 2024. He asked me to invest in his fund as a personal favor just to get him started due to having lost his funds in the phishing scam.

I wasn't particularly interested in investing in his project, I have my own projects going on which take up all of my time. But in terms of a friend reaching out just to get him back on his feet, I quickly sent him 1 Bitcoin just to get him out of his bind. He told me that he would be investing it in deals "that are borderline illegal as insider trading", something I believed because I saw firsthand that he had the contacts that he said he had.

So I was surprised when I saw he immediately started spending all of the funds on tokens with names such as "SonicShibaInu", and apparently adopting an aggressive spray and pray approach. At that point I contacted him and asked him what he was doing, he said that the 18 eth I'd sent him were still worth about 15 eth, and I told him my concern that I thought he would be managing the portfolio intelligently but he was just instead apparently purchasing any random token. He acknowledged that it was irresponsible, said he would convert the funds back into eth, and then went silent.

Since that time he has continued to spray the eth into seemingly random tokens with bizarre names, and has disappeared almost completely. Since that time 6 months have passed, and, only once has he resurfaced to tell me that he has been having a bad time and stopped talking to most of his friends, and saying that I am the one that he feels the worst about, promising to send me an update by the end of the weekend. Since then another month has passed, and he has of course not reached out and continued to ignore my messages and calls.

I don't know what happened to Nick, and I still don't think he seems like an inherently bad person. But the fact remains that I have given him 6 months to sort himself out, and the actions have taken have been exactly the same as that of a scammer. At this point, due to the fact that he's ignoring any messages I send him on WhatsApp or Telegram, and since he's ignoring my calls, there's nothing more I can do than warn others thinking about getting into business with him that this is the kind of behavior that he can exhibit. I wish somebody had warned me, it was truly unexpected from someone who comes across as an upstanding guy.

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